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The global economy as well as fast technological leaps are creating a complex environment for companies which is characterized by uncertainty and dynamism. Digitalization, in particular, requires swift strategic adaptations of companies (new digital products, new business models, automated processes, etc.) in order for them to hold their ground against competition. Customer focus is of utmost priority and compels companies to implement customer-oriented organization.


What will change by introducing process-oriented management?

The process-oriented organization offers practical solutions to these challenges and enables effective implementation of digital transformation. In a process-oriented organization:

  • Processes are the focus of management,
  • Therefore, the strategy is implemented directly via the processes,
  • Customer processes are planned and controlled end-to-end and on a cross-functional basis by the process owners
  • The process model provides the framework for performance and defines responsibilities,
  • At the same time it enables application of fast, customer focused and agile methods.

The implementation of a process-oriented organization is linked with a paradigm shift which, as an organizational change, must be accompanied by change management and appropriate communication measures.

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