E-Learning “Deriving Operational Process Goals”


Process goals are intended to provide employees in executing roles with orientation within the process. In addition, they are intended to support executives in managing and improving processes. 

In this e-learning video, you will learn how operational process goals can be derived from strategic corporate goals. By defining process goals, a direction for the implementation of customer requirements and the corporate strategy can be set. 

Target group

  • Managers and employees Process Management  
  • Managers and employees Organization  
  • Managers and employees Corporate and Personnel Development 
  • Process Manager; Process Analysts, Process Coordinators 
  • Managers and employees Quality Management  
  • Managers and employees Information Technology  
  • Managers with process responsibility 

Training Content

  • Deriving operational process goals from strategic guidelines 
  • Defining process goals according to the “SMART” criteria  
  • Considering potential improvements when setting goals 
  • Implementing goals across the different levels of the process model 
  • Documenting process goals 
  • Making process goals controllable by setting measurable process indicators 


The e-learning is not fixed in time and is available for a period of 3 months from activation (approx. 3-4 working days after receipt of payment).

After completing the e-learning, the participants will receive proof of their participation and seminar content in the form of a BPM&O Akademie certificate.

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