Kongress | Internat. Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2019)

Vienna2019 - BPM conference

Being located at the heart of Europe, Vienna has scored the highest liveability index in 2018 according to the economist.com survey. Vienna brings together the past and the future, the West and the East. Being abundant of historic sights and culture, Vienna is the economic and political center of Austria.

Vienna hosts nine federal universities as well as several private universities and universities of applied sciences, making Vienna the place to be for around 200.000 students. Two Viennese universities have joined forces to offer a great venue and program for BPM 2019, the University of Economics and Business where the BPM 2019 will be held at and the University of Vienna, one of the oldest and biggest university in Europe.

BPM 2019 will continue the track system successfully implemented in BPM 2018. On top of exciting workshops, BPM 2019 will feature the 1st International Blockchain Forum and the 1st Central and Eastern European Forum, the latter celebrating Vienna’s vicinity to its Eastern European neighbors. Moreover, the tradition of BPM Forum, Demos, and Industry tracks will be followed. Together with the keynotes and the research track, BPM 2019 will offer a rich, diverse, and exciting program.

At night BPM 2019 wants to take its participants around Vienna through several social events. Enjoy a mild September night under the beautiful arcades of the historic main building of the University of Vienna, marvel at the stunning architecture of the Vienna city hall, and enjoy a glass or two of fresh Viennese wine at a typical Viennese “Heuriger”.

The highlights are:

  • 6 Keynotes
  • 4 Tutorials 
  • 1 Panel Discussion
  • 23 Research Talks 
  • 13 Contributions to the BPM Forum 
  • 15 Corporate Case Studies in the Industry Forum
  • 11 Talks in the Blockchain Forum
  • 8 Talks and 7 posters in the Central and Eastern Europe Forum
  • 12 Workshops
  • 53 Workshop Presentations
  • 20 Tool and Prototype Demonstrations 
  • 15 Talks in the Doctoral Consortium
  • 15 International Sponsors
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Kongress | Internat. Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2019)
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